New Beginnings

When I joined the company in May 2018 I was excited about our new venture and the prospect of joining a great established team. These guys have over 22 years’ experience in electrical installation; this was a side of something that I lacked despite my vast knowledge in LED lighting. I’m proud to say that the company’s progression has gone from strength to strength in the past 8 months. We have moved to our own premises, changed our logo and diversified and enlarged our range of lighting with each selection carefully determined with an electrician’s – installers’ mind, which keeps our high standard by ensuring the utmost quality of work and parts goes into all of our products.

We are just about to launch our latest website. This, along with our brand new 2019 catalogue which arrived just before Christmas, shows our commitment to constant growth and development. We feel fresh and ready to take on 2019 with our products at the ready and everything organised and assembled in the back office. This year’s aim is to expand our flourishing list of established customers and to become an approved supplier to electrical buying groups. We feel this is an attainable goal as we already have excellent quality lighting that CEF branches & other independent wholesalers are now stocking as contractors are confident in using our products & now specifying them for their contracts.

By Jamie Gardner, Operations Manager