22w Pallas Bulkhead

The Pallas bulkhead, crafted from robust cast aluminium, is an ideal choice for outdoor accent lighting. With an IK09 rating, it comes in black or grey, with or without an eyelid cover. Featuring a side entry for conduit and offering various control options, it's a versatile outdoor lighting solution.

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The Pallas bulkhead is made from cast aluminium making it a great option for external accent lighting.

It is robust with an IK09 rating and is available in both black and grey, With or without the eyelid cover.

This fitting has a side entry for conduit and is available with a variety of control options.


✔ Product: 22W Pallas Bulkhead
✔ Colour Temperature: 4000K 
✔ Watts: 22w 
✔ Guarantee: 5 years
✔ Lumens: 2241lm
✔ CRI: > 85
✔ IP Rating: IP65
✔ IK Rating: IK09
✔ Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
✔ Operating Temperature: -0°C to +40°C
✔ Dimensions: 360 x 94mm
✔ Material: Cast Aluminium, Polycarbonate-TPa rated


Available in this range.

Code: SLL22PB/B                         22w Standard Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G                        22w Standard Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B /MS                22w Microwave Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/MS                22w Microwave Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B/E                    22w Emergency Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/E                    22w Emergency Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B/E/MS             22w Emergency/Microwave Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/E/MS            22w Emergency/Microwave Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B/DH                 22w Mains Dimming Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/DH                 22w Mains Dimming Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B/DL                  22w 1-10V Dimming Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/DL                  22w 1-10V Dimming Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B/DD                  22w DALI Dimming Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/DD                 22w DALI Dimming Pallas Grey Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/B/DSI                 22w DSI Dimming Pallas Black Bulkhead

Code: SLL22PB/G/DSI                 22w DSI Dimming Pallas Grey Bulkhead




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