Athena Flood Light

Whether you require lighting for industrial warehouses, commercial complexes, or outdoor spaces, the Athena Floodlight offers versatility to suit a range of environments. With wattage options ranging from 50W to 300W, you can select the appropriate intensity to meet your specific lighting needs. With its high-lumen output, exceptional lifespan, customisable beam angles, and effective heat dissipation, this floodlight provides a reliable lighting solution that meets the demands of various applications. Illuminate your spaces with confidence, knowing that the Athena Floodlight will deliver outstanding performance and energy efficiency for years to come.

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Illuminate your industrial warehouses, commercial complexes, and outdoor spaces with unparalleled versatility and efficiency, courtesy of the Athena Floodlight. Designed to cater to a wide range of environments, this exceptional lighting solution offers a spectrum of wattage options, ensuring that you can tailor the intensity of illumination to perfectly suit your specific lighting requirements. From the potent 50W variant to the commanding 300W powerhouse, the Athena Floodlight provides flexibility to accommodate diverse lighting needs with ease and precision.

With its impressive lumen output, the Athena Floodlight bathes your surroundings in a radiant glow, ensuring optimal visibility and safety even in the darkest of environments. Whether you’re illuminating expansive industrial warehouses, bustling commercial complexes, or vast outdoor spaces, rest assured that the Athena Floodlight delivers consistent and reliable performance, enhancing productivity and comfort for occupants.

Benefitting from an exceptional lifespan, customisable beam angles, and effective heat dissipation mechanisms, the Athena Floodlight sets the benchmark for reliability and longevity in outdoor lighting solutions. Engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding environments, this floodlight is built to last, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted illumination for years to come.

Illuminate your spaces with confidence, knowing that the Athena Floodlight is synonymous with outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and durability. Trust in its unwavering reliability to meet the demands of your lighting needs, empowering you to create environments that are not only well-lit but also conducive to productivity, safety, and comfort. With the Athena Floodlight illuminating your spaces, the future looks brighter than ever before.


✔ Product: Athena Floodlights
✔ Guarantee: 5 Years
✔ Lumens: 7,000 – 42,000
✔ Colour Temperature: 5000K
✔ Wattages: 50w / 100w / 150w / 200w / 240w / 300w
✔ IP Rating: IP66
✔ IK Rating: IK08
✔ Voltage: 220-240 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
✔ Operating Temperature: -30°C to + 50°C

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