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The Nemesis Pro is a perfect choice for warehouse lighting needs. It provides a wide range of options with 3 different colour temperatures and 2 wattages available for each length. This ensures that you can achieve the precise lighting output required for any specific application. Designed with IP65 and IK10 ratings, the Nemesis Pro is built to withstand even the harshest conditions it may encounter.  Additionally, these fittings are equipped with plug and play microwave and emergency accessories, allowing wholesalers to save valuable shelf space. Furthermore, the Nemesis Pro offers a quick and effortless installation process for the end user.

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The Nemesis Pro emerges as the quintessential solution for fulfilling the extensive lighting requisites of warehouse environments, boasting a comprehensive array of features tailored to optimize functionality and performance. With its versatility and adaptability, the Nemesis Pro stands as a beacon of innovation in warehouse lighting solutions.

At the core of its design lies a commitment to providing users with a multitude of options to tailor their lighting experience precisely to their needs. Offering three distinct colour temperature options and two wattages available for each length, the Nemesis Pro ensures that users can achieve the ideal lighting output for any given application. Whether it’s illuminating storage racks, aisles, or loading bays, the Nemesis Pro delivers unparalleled versatility and customisation capabilities.

Furthermore, the Nemesis Pro is engineered to withstand the rigors of warehouse environments, boasting an impressive IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, as well as an IK10 rating for impact resistance. This robust construction ensures that the luminaire can endure even the harshest conditions it may encounter, providing reliable and long-lasting performance in demanding industrial settings.

In addition to its durability, the Nemesis Pro is equipped with a plug-and-play microwave and emergency accessories, allowing wholesalers to optimize shelf space and streamline inventory management processes. This integrated approach to lighting accessories not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that users have access to essential features without compromising on performance or reliability.

Moreover, the Nemesis Pro offers a quick and effortless installation process for end-users, further enhancing its appeal in warehouse environments. With intuitive mounting options and hassle-free setup procedures, users can seamlessly integrate the Nemesis Pro into their existing infrastructure with minimal downtime and disruption to operations.

✔ Product: Nemesis Pro
✔ Guarantee: 5 years
✔ Switchable Colour Temperature: 4000K / 5000K  /6500K
✔ Adjustable Wattages 4ft: 20w /  40w
✔ Adjustable Wattages 5ft: 25w / 50w
✔ Adjustable Wattages 6ft: 35w / 70w
✔ Lumens 4ft: 2400 / 4800
✔ Lumens 5ft: 3000 / 6000
✔ Lumens 6ft: 4200 / 8400
✔ Lumens Per Watt: 120
✔ Beam Angle: 120°
✔ CRI: > 80
✔ IP Rating: IP65
✔ IK Rating: IK10
✔ Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
✔ Operating Temperature: -20°C to + 40°C



/DD         –   Dali
/DL          –   0-10V dimming
/DSI        –   DSI dimming
/MW        –   Microwave sensor
/E             –   Emergency
/DDPRO  –  DALI Addressable Emergency

Available in this range.

SLL4FTNC/CCT        4ft Standard Dual Wattage CCT Vapour Proof NCF
SLL5FTNC/CCT        5ft Standard Dual Wattage CCT Vapour Proof NCF
SLL6FTNC/CCT        6ft Standard Dual Wattage CCT Vapour Proof NCF

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