Sabrina RGB Panel

The Sabrina 600x600 RGB Panel is a versatile lighting solution that offers customisable lighting options and convenient control capabilities. Whether through the remote control or integration with Casambi, users can easily adjust the lighting ambiance to suit their preferences and create captivating visual displays. With the added assurance of a 5-year warranty, the Sabrina RGB Panel combines functionality, versatility, and reliability, making it an excellent choice for transforming any space with vibrant and dynamic lighting.

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Introducing the Sabrina 600×600 RGB Panel—a revolutionary lighting marvel that redefines versatility, creativity, and control. Engineered to transcend the ordinary, this dynamic panel offers an array of customisable lighting options and intuitive control capabilities, empowering users to craft immersive visual experiences that captivate the senses and elevate any space to new heights of sophistication.

At the heart of the Sabrina RGB Panel lies its seamless integration of technology and innovation, providing users with multiple avenues for effortless control and customisation. Whether you prefer the convenience of the included remote control or the advanced functionality of integration with Casambi, the possibilities are virtually limitless. With just a few taps or clicks, users can effortlessly adjust the lighting ambiance to suit their mood, preferences, or specific aesthetic vision, transforming any environment into a mesmerising oasis of light and colour.

But the Sabrina RGB Panel is more than just a feat of technological prowess—it’s also a testament to reliability and peace of mind. With the added assurance of a comprehensive 5-year warranty, users can trust in the durability and longevity of this exceptional lighting solution, ensuring years of flawless performance and enjoyment.

Designed to meet the demands of modern living, the Sabrina RGB Panel boasts an IP44 rating, providing protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor environments. Additionally, with an IK08 rating for impact resistance, this panel is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring durability and longevity even in high-traffic areas.

From dazzling visual displays to subtle ambient lighting, the Sabrina RGB Panel offers endless possibilities for transforming any space with vibrant and dynamic illumination. Whether it’s illuminating a corporate office, enhancing a retail environment, or creating a captivating ambiance in a hospitality setting, this versatile panel is the perfect choice for adding a touch of magic to any environment.

Experience the future of lighting with the Sabrina 600×600 RGB Panel—a fusion of style, functionality, and reliability that sets a new standard for dynamic illumination. Elevate your space to new heights of creativity and innovation, and let the Sabrina RGB Panel become the radiant centerpiece of your lighting design.


✔ Product: Sabrina 600 x 600 RGB LED Panel
✔ Guarantee: 5 Years
✔ Lumens: 1,757
✔ Colour Temperature: RGB
✔ Wattage: 36w
✔ IP Rating: IP44
✔ Voltage: 220-240 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
✔ Operating Temperature: -20°C to + 45°C


Available in this range


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