Soteria 4 in 1 Emergency Exit Sign

The Soteria 2W 4 in 1 Emergency Exit sign is the ultimate in versatility, supplied with accessories allowing for hang, recessed, wall, and flag mounting. Equipped with highly visible and clear exit signage, the Soteria Exit Sign ensures efficient and effective exit guidance during emergencies. The universally recognized "EXIT" symbol is prominently displayed, guiding occupants to safety with ease. This clear and conspicuous signage helps minimise confusion and enhances overall evacuation efforts.

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Introducing the Soteria 2W 4 in 1 Emergency Exit sign—an embodiment of versatility and adaptability, engineered to meet the diverse needs of any environment with unparalleled flexibility. With its innovative design and comprehensive range of accessories, the Soteria Exit Sign offers four distinct mounting options: wall-mounted for double-sided visibility, wall-mounted for single-sided applications, recessed-mounted for seamless integration, and ceiling-suspended for maximum coverage. This ensures that regardless of the layout or requirements of your space, the Soteria Exit Sign can be effortlessly installed to provide clear and effective exit guidance.

Equipped with highly visible and unmistakable exit signage, the Soteria Exit Sign stands as a beacon of assurance during emergencies. The universally recognised “EXIT” symbol is prominently displayed, serving as a clear and unmistakable guidepost for occupants seeking safe egress. This prominent signage minimises confusion and facilitates swift and efficient evacuation efforts, enhancing overall safety and peace of mind.

But the versatility of the Soteria Exit Sign extends beyond its mounting options. Supplied with accessories that allow for hang, recessed, wall, and flag mounting, this fitting can be customised to suit the unique requirements of any environment. Whether it’s a bustling commercial complex, a sprawling industrial facility, or a serene residential enclave, the Soteria Exit Sign stands ready to provide reliable and effective exit guidance, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in every scenario.

✔ Product: Soteria
✔ Guarantee: 3 years
✔ Colour Temperature: 6000k
✔ Wattages: 2w
✔ IP Rating: IP20
✔ IK Rating: IK10
✔ Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
✔ Operating Temperature: 10 ̊C ̴  + 40 ̊C

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