Aegir Marine Grade Street Light *

Introducing the Aegir cutting-edge Streetlight, a versatile lighting solution engineered to withstand the rigors of coastal environments while delivering exceptional performance. Crafted with durability in mind, this streetlight features a robust aluminium body that offers superior corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even in harsh marine conditions. Designed with advanced features, including a high-quality tempered glass lens for optimal light transmission and impact resistance, the Aegir Streetlight provides outstanding illumination efficiency. With an impressive luminous efficacy of 160 lumens per watt, it delivers remarkable energy efficiency, allowing for significant cost savings without compromising on brightness. For added durability and protection, the Aegir Streetlight comes with an IP66 rating, safeguarding it against dust ingress and powerful water jets. Additionally, it boasts an IK09 rating, making it highly resistant to vandalism and accidental damage. Customisable options include the ability to upgrade to marine-grade components for enhanced resilience in maritime environments. This optional addition further enhances the streetlight's suitability for coastal areas, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Experience peace of mind knowing that the Aegir Streetlight is designed for longevity and durability, offering exceptional performance and efficiency for your outdoor lighting needs.

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Introducing the Aegir cutting-edge Streetlight, a pinnacle of lighting innovation designed to thrive in challenging coastal environments. Crafted with precision engineering and durability in mind, this streetlight is engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of maritime air, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even in harsh coastal conditions.

With its robust aluminium body, the Aegir Streetlight offers exceptional durability, providing resilience against corrosion and environmental challenges. For enhanced protection, the option for maritime and coastal-grade components is available as an added extra, ensuring superior resistance to the harsh elements commonly found in coastal areas.

Available in a comprehensive range of wattages, including 20w, 30w, 40w, 60w, 75w, 100w, 120w, 150w, 180w, 200w, and 230w, the Aegir Streetlight offers versatility to suit various lighting requirements. Choose from a standard colour temperature of 4000K, with options for 3000K or 5000K available upon request, allowing for tailored lighting solutions to meet your specific needs.

Customisable versions of the Aegir Streetlight include options for Dimmable, Photocell, DALI dimmable, Zhaga, Microwave sensor, and PIR sensor, providing advanced control capabilities and flexibility in lighting management.

With a lifespan of 131,000 hours (L70 B50), the Aegir Streetlight ensures long-term reliability and performance, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing operational efficiency. It operates flawlessly in a wide range of temperatures, with Class I models suitable for temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C and Class II models suitable for temperatures from -30°C to +40°C.

Furthermore, various beam angles are available to suit different lighting applications, ensuring optimal light distribution and coverage. Whether installed as a post-top or side-entry fixture, the Aegir Streetlight delivers consistent and uniform illumination, enhancing visibility and safety in outdoor spaces.

Experience the unmatched durability, performance, and versatility of the Aegir cutting-edge Streetlight, the ultimate lighting solution for coastal environments.


✔ Product: Aegir Street Light
✔ Guarantee: 5 Years
✔ Lumens: 3,200 – 36,800
✔ Colour Temperature: 4000K (3000K, 5000K optional)
✔ Wattages: 20w / 30w /40w / 60w / 75w / 100w / 120w / 150w / 180w /200w / 230w
✔ IP Rating: IP66
✔ IK Rating: IK09 Glass, IK10 PC
✔ Voltage: 220-240VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
✔ Operating Temperature: Class I : -30°C to + 50°C / Class II : -30°C to + 40°C

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